Guess who just got invited to a red carpet movie premiere!

Dis girl!!!!! 

It’s the same day as the Lady Gaga concert, but I’ll try to make it work. I love any reason to dress nice. :D

"Better than love we made delicious

-Love Rain, Jill Scott 

"Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things"

These are my mothership space boots! 

I like having little things in my life that make my day feel special. My space boots are one of them. I’ve been hunting for space boots for about half a year now. When I found the last pair at a little Indian shop, I knew they were meant for me (and the little friendly discount from the owner didn’t hurt).

Now days at home are a little bit more intergalactic. 

Condensed milk for comfort.

I’m in love with the new League of Legends cinematic!!! <3 <3

Would definitely not mind if they made a whole movie like this! 

My friend snapped this photo yesterday while we were taking a break. Stuck in a haze.